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Rekindle your social life with OOZUP!

OOZUP is an app that lets you know when your close friends are available, now and in the future, in order to never miss an opportunity to get together with them.


Picture this:

It’s Friday afternoon and you want to go out but haven’t planned anything yet.

Figuring out which of your friends to call and ask if they are available can easily turn into a headache. Who do you call first? How many people are you going to have to call before finding someone who is available? What if you feel awkward calling them at the last minute? Etc.

Thanks to oozup, these questions become a thing of the past. Just open oozup on your smartphone and a single glance will immediately let you see who is available.


Gone are the days of staying alone at home just become you feel awkward calling someone to know if they are available!


One of OOZUP’s cool features is the creation of groups. Through them, you will be able to very simply organize your contacts. You could create a group for your close friends, one for your family, for your tennis partners, etc.


When you make yourself available for a specific timeslot you can then use the groups to filter out who will get to see that availability. No risk of getting any unwanted messages or phone calls!


And because you are able to fill in your availabilities days or even months in advance, OOZUP can also be used to plan a weekend with friends, holidays or even a family reunion, which are never easy to set up!




(see usage examples in section  "Testimonials")


OOZUP, the app 100% dedicated to sharing availabilities amongst close friends and family

Personal calendar

Indicate your own availabilities according to specific timeslots: morning, noon, afternoon, early evening and evening.

Friends calendar

Identify which of your friends are available through their profile picture.

Groups of friends

Create groups in order to filter who gets to see your availabilities.

Info balloon

Specify what you are available for.


Decide when you want to be notified: when your contacts update their availabilities, etc.


Contact your friends by SMS, email or phone, directly from the app.

What sets OOZUP apart from the rest?

Most shared agendas compile information about your professional and personal schedules. Sharing them with your friends to see who is available would not be practical and would not respect your privacy.

With OOZUP you have an app dedicated just to managing your availabilities to socialize with your close friends. Simple, intuitive and no privacy issues!


Other solutions offer you to create an event and ask your contacts if they would like to participate. OOZUP takes a much more direct approach: see who’s available first! And contact them to get together.




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